Sexiest Brazilian Porn Stars 2015


Here we have it gentlemen, the top 25 Brazilian porn stars ranked for you by best porn site discounts. We have to say, that while this wasn’t a painful job to do – looking at hundreds of sexy Brazilian babes; it was difficult to rank these girls accordingly. But, we did our best and now you may reap the rewards. Numeric ranking begins once we get down to the 10 mark, before that its top 25 but a non-numerated 25-16 because those ranks are open to interpretation. This one’s for Brazil!
Note – We will mention a few porn sites during this list where you can find scenes with these beautiful Brazilian porn stars. When you see links or references of these sites, know that we constantly review porn sites. So, those links often point to pornsite reviews where you can read what we had to say about the site as well as get a discount that we were able to negotiate for our readers (often 50% less than regular).

Top 25 Brazilian Porn Star Models

Anita Ferrari
Best 20 Brazilian Porn Stars
Anita is a great example of the types of gorgeous woman that you can find walking the streets of Sao Palo. She’s a bit older, but her curves are strong and her mind is all about finding a dick to fuck!

Belinha Baracho
Belinha Baracho
This young little dark haired ass shaking girl is a freak! When she gets down she doesn’t hold back, and like the majority of porn stars straight from brazil on this list she is down for anal sex!

Dasani Lezian
Dasani Lezian
Dasiani isn’t just a Brazilian babe… She’s a thick ass porn star! Her ass is massive, yet in great form and you cannot ignore her big tits or beautiful south American face! Dasani has got it going on and you can find the majority of her scenes on the Fame Digital porn network!

Best 20 Brazilian Porn Stars

Its surprising to us that there are not more pornstars from Brazil out there. This is both in part due to the lack of girls as well as the lack of properly attributed girls. It seems that getting good data on porn stars just isn’t easy these days. Either they don’t want to give up the details or the production companies really don’t care. One of our biggest assets to building this list was using footage directly attributed to being shot in Brazil, or specifically with Brazilian women.
Juliana Gomes
#20 Juliana Gomes Brazil Porno
Juliana is another great example of a hot ass porn star, once again taken directly from the thong capital of the world! She can suck dick like a champ and is pretty skilled at fucking too.

What makes Brazilian babes so unique?

Brazilian women are unique due to their cultural mixing. The majority of Brazilian people are a cross between African, European, and Native Indian. This can vary to certain degrees, and Asian backgrounds can enter into this mix as well, but over 45% of Brazilians define themselves as Pardo suggesting an African background to some degree.

Melissa Pitanga
#19 Melissa Pitanga
Melissa is another very thick porn star. Her ass is massive, her tits are huge and ripe, her skin is tan, and her asshole is open for business!

Juliana C
Juliana C
Do you like your Brazil babes darker? Juliana C is a very dark Brazilian porn star with a nice round ass and natural boobs! Check her out.

Angel Duro
Best Brazilian Porn Star
Believe it or not, there are a lot of blonde haired Brazilian girls out there. Whether or not that’s their natural hair color is another story though! Where we wonder about Angel’s hair, we do not wonder about her ability to fuck. Hands down, Angel is skilled and looks great on film!

Fabiane Thompson
Fabiane Thompson
Fabiane is a dark haired babe that we’re seriously surprised that we have not seen more of. This girl has skills, as you can see specifically in a scene where she takes Nacho Vitals dick completely up her ass in its full entirety. We may need to look around more for this girl and give you the details in a Pornstar Scene List.

#15 Karrey Castro
Karrey Castro Latina
All we can really say about this girl is, damn! She is another anal all-star and we love every bit of it! A very important note for us to make is that a lot of these girls were discovered via the Made in Brazil Series which is via Evil Angel. This is a series filmed directly in Brazil with some of the hottest authentic Brazilian woman. We have a half-off Evil Angel discount that you can access via our Evil Angel Review.

#14 Mirela Porto
Hot Brazilian Porn Girls
We discovered Mirela through the Evil Angel series Brazil Xposed. This sexy Brazilian babe is a bit bustier than most, and has very fair skin. What we really like about her are her plump lips and decent deep throating ability. If she had more experience, we could definitely picture her making our best deepthroat pornstars list.

#13 Daniela Matarazo
Daniela Matarazo Brasil Anal Sex
The list goes on and Daniela Matarazo is a great compliment to it! This Brazilian beauty has a round ass that can take a pounding! This is another Evil Angel hottie.

#12 Gina Jolie
Brazilian anal sex
This picture does not do Gina Jolie the slightest justice, she is simply stunning! In her scenes, she is a pure star. She has as flawless body, an amazing face, and you better believe that her skills are always present. If you like Brazilian porn stars, then Gina Jolie is worth your time, all day. She has scenes on both Brazzers and Fame Digital, both of which we provide discounts for.

#11 Adriana Malao
Tan Porn Model Adriana Malao
Adriana Malao is a bit of an anomaly to us. See, she’s dark, curvy, and super sexy; but we’re not convinced she is truly Brazilian. Either way, we have sources saying she is so we will go with it for now. Hey, at least she is smoking hot.

Top 10 Hottest Brazil Porn Girls

#10 Joyce Oliveira
Joyce Oliveira
Joyce Oliveira (sometimes goes by just ‘Joyce’) is a stunning portuguez speaking latina straight out of Brazil. This woman is a diamond in the ruff and we are proud to say that you can find her on Evil Angel as Joyce and on Brazzers as Joyce Oliveira.

#9 Renae Cruz
Renae Cruz
If you’ve been watching porn for any length of time, specifically Brazilian or Latina porn – then you should already be aware of the beautiful Renae Cruz. This tiny little girl has a nice ass and the cutest face, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s a good girl, cause that’s not the case. Ranae has her most HD scenes split between Evil Angel and Fame Digital last time we checked.

#8 Zafira
Zafira porno
Out of all the other porn stars on this list, Zafira may have the absolute most scenes. Additionally, Zafira is the only girl on this list that works lesbian scenes as her focus. You can find over 100 scenes of Zafira on the DDF Network, which we have reviewed and provide a 50% discount for. Our only question about this chick is, is she really Brazilian? Apparently she is from Hungary, but of partial Brazilian decent? It’s tricky, but we could not deny her hotness nor have a list absent of a good lesbian porn star!

#7 Rio Lee
Rio Lee
Rio Lee’s ethnicity is Brazilian but this chick is straight out of London and you can tell clearly by her voice. Now, this can be a double edged sword for a lot of guys, but we don’t mind that much. Rio is super busty, and has done anal scenes for Brazzers.

#6 Abbey Lee Brazil
Abbey Lee Brazil
Abbey Lee Brazil is a truly beautiful and well-endowed porn star. Her ass has great form and that perfect extra little bit, we’re almost positive her tits are real (as of now), and her skill and facial beauty is spot on. We see this girl becoming very popular and making many, many scenes!

Top 5 Sexiest Brazilian Porn Stars

#5 Monica Santhiago
Monica Santhiago Brazilian Porn Star
If there was a queen of Brazilian ass, it would be Monica Santhiago time and time again. This woman is known for two things, her ass, and being a freak! Seriously, in a scene with Monica you’re more likely to see her getting fucked in her ass than in her pussy! This girl’s ass is huge, and she can take a cock up it like nobody’s business. If she wasn’t towards the end of her career she would be ranked possibly as number 1. We found the most scenes of this hottie on Evil Angel but we recommend Brazzers too for great HD scenes with Monica and similarly busty women.

#4 Sheila Marie
Sheila Marie
Sheila Marie is a pure masterpiece. She fucks good, she squirts, she’s busty up top, and her ass is quite large. It’s a no brainer bringing her to the top of this list! We recommend Brazzers for her scenes.

#3 Shane Dos Santos
Shane Dos Santos
Shane Dos Santos is an adorable addition to our best Brazilian porn stars list and we’re sure you’re going to like her. She is a slender light skinned but dark haired bombshell that has a significant number of scenes on Evil Angel.

#2 Yurizan Beltran
Yurizan Beltran
Also known as Yuri Love, Yurizan Beltran is one of our top 10 favorite porn stars of all time. For this list, we are proud to add her due to her half Brazilian half Canadian heritage. Yurizan is great at titty fucks, blowjobs, deepthroats, anal sex, and sheer seduction as a whole! For her, Evil angel is the way to go but we can’t ignore her great scenes on Brazzers as well as Naughty America!

#1 Marcellinha Moraes
Best Brazilian Porn Star Ever
And finally, we have made it to the hottest Brazilian porn star that we’ve personally seen so far. Her name is Marcellinha Moraes, but she often goes by different variations of this that also include Marcela Diesel on Evil Angel and a wide variety on other sites. We encourage you to go see her specifically on Team Skeet though. Thanks for checking out our list and we hope to have given you some new primo babes to enjoy yourself with!