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DDF 1ByDay Discount and Review

One by day is a true porn site focused souly on beautiful European women. When you watch one of the 4,500+ scenes featuring one of your favorite models, you can rest assured that you will be able to have your full attention on her. There won’t be any gaudy camera man egging her on and pushing your girl out of her comfort zone. There won’t be some prick taking up the scene and pillaging your dream girl. No, instead it’s you and her – nothing else matters.

DDF 1ByDay Full Length Scenes

One by Day scenes focus on the girl. What does that mean? Well, it means that each full length scene opens gently with a perfect beautiful European girl who over the next 15 – 40 minutes is going to share her inner most desires with you. From the start, you will understand her by how she acts, the cute outfit she chose for this occasion, and especially the way she takes it off.

From there, the she can take your exotic show in any direction. Sometimes the beautiful girl will squirm around completely naked softly massaging her clit with sweet moans. While other times she may feel extra kinky and bring toys along for the ride which have the possibility to end up anywhere inside her! Heck, sometimes she may even bring a beautiful friend with. That’s when things get really interesting.

Though, no matter what turn the scene makes you can count on the fact that you will be watching her own intimacy and desires. No camera man clouding or prick dick ruining her self-expression. This really is a sweet thing to see.

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DDF 1ByDay Porn Stars

1ByDay features over 1,250 gorgeous European originating models. They literally come from all over Europe and even into Russia, meaning you can get blondes, brunettes, black haired girls, or even red heads. From there, they can be a sweet 18 years old to an experienced and incredibly sexy mature age. No matter the ‘stats’, we can safely say that these girls are beautiful and know how to take care of themselves and you in the process.

DDF 1By-Day Porn Stars

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