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We’ve always talked about our passion for exotic women, and finally our inner call has been answered with the new porn site Exotic 4K. Recently begun at the end of 2014, Exotic 4K features beautiful young girls of all ethnic background in stunning 4K (4 times better than 1080p) super HD resolution. Since this porn site is very new, the scene count is limited. However, the scene quality, advanced resolution, and babe selection definitely make up for it. Pair that up with the Exotic 4K discounted membership rate we’ve scored for you and the fact that this site is updating frequently… And clearly this is a winner for the exotic porn star lover in us all.

Exotic 4K Porn Experience

We had the privilege of enjoying this ultra-definition porn site with full access and it was a fun ride. The content is quality and anyone that likes tan and exotic women are going to really get a hard-on once inside.

We noticed some great trends in Exotic 4K scenes such as:

All Scenes are 4K HD which is 4 times better than 1080p.

Amazing Models – Big tits, Sexy well above porn star average bodies, great asses.

No time wasting in scenes, lots of action.

Good scene flow with tease, blowjob, fuck, and cumshot.

4K ultra-HD video sizes are actually smaller than standard 1080p full HD (awesome).

Yes, there is great anal sex!

Really, the only possible bad things on Exotic 4K would be: 1.) there aren’t a ton of scenes yet (but that problem lessens every day with new releases, and 2.) our loading times were slightly slower than most sites (but this could very easily be due to currently operating an economy 3 year old Intel e3 with other windows up) on one occurrence.
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I already mentioned this above but I would like to state it again, for downloads, the 4K video files are actually significantly smaller in size than the standard 1080p HD. You’ve got to realize that this is pretty amazing considering the resolution is 4 times better in a smaller file. That means you can fit way more higher quality porn on your computer!

Exotic 4K has great Anal Sex

Sophia Fiore on Exotic 4K
Sophia Fiore has a scene in particular on Exotic 4K where the anal sex is just incredible. For those of you that are not familiar with Sophia, before porn she was an active fitness model and you will quickly notice that she has the body to prove it. Her ass and legs are big and perfectly shaped, her waste is tight and her stamina and agility are amazing. Its incredible how this girl has anal sex too. She doesn’t just get fucked in the ass, but she likes to take over and jump on top to get full dick insertion the entire way into her tight asshole! This is a scene every guy can appreciate.

Amazing 4K Blowjobs

Devyn Divine high resolution blowjob
Devyn Divine has one of the best blowjob scenes that I have ever watched right here on Exotic 4K. From start to finish, it was incredible. Her lips are so plump and she salivates the entire time! Its impressive how this girl literally sucks and orally massages the dick with skill yet ease and does not stray her lips from full silky contact. This is nothing like the growing trend where porn stars (Bridgette B is a violator) will open their mouth too wide while giving a blowjob like we don’t notice. No, this is a true blowjob and it was skillfully executed, and this is coming from an appreciator of deepthroat blowjobs. So, a standard blowjob typically won’t even seem special to me at all, but this one was incredible and in 4K HD!

Black Girl Titty fucking

Anya Ivy fucking white guy
There are many different ethnicities of women on this porn site, but pretty much all of them have great racks! I’m not normally a titty-fuck kind of guy, but Anya Ivy has one scene that is pretty incredible. For starters, Anya has a very large and very well shaped soft rack. When she puts this to full use with oil and upward rubs on this guy’s dick; it’s intense!

Great Pussy Hammering on Exotic 4K

Exotic 4K discount
One thing that all the porn stars get on this site is a hard pussy hammering. And you can really tell given the extra resolution, it’s a big difference as long as your PC is up to par to handle it! We’re talking ass up doggy, girls riding, hard missionary, side to side; these beautiful porn stars get nailed left, right, up and down!

Exotic 4K Discount and Conclusion

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Get Discounted Full Access to Exotic 4K – Only $17.95, Regularly $24.99

In all, Exotic 4K is a porn site that has a bright future. The cinematography is great, camera action is without blur, and resolution is the highest out there. Sure, there are not a ton of scenes yet; but they are updating regularly and the scene and porn star quality is way above the industry average. As time goes on, this deal will get sweeter and sweeter. Unless you are overly demanding of your porn sites, Exotic 4K is at least worth enjoying for the discounted month!