Fantasy Massage Porn Discount (6 Sites)


Massages are one of the most sensual and exotic acts that two people can partake in. The oils, the rubbing, the stress relief, the unavoidable and prolific arousal; massages are just asking for escalation. Getting a massage or giving a massage to a gorgeous woman is an unforgettable experience that never gets old. For that moment, you become one with her. Because of this, massage makes for incredible porn. Incredible for both the watchers and the performers. Massage porn may in fact be one of the most natural forms of HD porn available.

Fantasy Massage is the biggest Massage Porn Network

Massage is a very specific niche, and it isn’t fare to sign up for a porn membership looking for massage porn, only to get an update with a massage once a week. Luckily, you won’t have to tolerate that. You have Fantasy Massage to turn to. Fantasy Massage is a network of 6 different massage porn sites. Each one focuses on a different style of massage with different interactions between masseur and the massaged. For instance, you can find:

  1. Women Massaging Women Porn
  2. Guys Massaging Girls Porn
  3. Women Massaging Men Porn
  4. And exotic water and body contact massages as well!

Access the 6 Best Massage Porn Sites with our Fantasy Massage Discount

Fantasy Massage Porn

Below is an overview of the scenes you will find on the following 5 massage porn sites you gain access to with your discounted fantasy massage membership. All of these sites are available to you under your fantasy massage member’s area, so there is no need to jump around. Also, if you prefer going through scenes of specific massage sites at a time, you can easily select specific massage sites on the left navigation to view their respective scenes!

Fantasy Massage Network Sites

All Girl Massage Access

All Girl Massage
All Girl Massage is the hottest girl on girl massage porn site! In every scene there are at least 2 beautiful lesbian girls which after a sensual massage begins, turns into an exotic sex session! The scenes on All Girl Massage vary from massage appointment style porn to group massages at pool parties all the way to sexy lesbian mothers showing their daughters and friends how a sensual massage is done! If girl on girl massage is your ultimate fantasy, then access to the Fantasy Massage Network is exactly what you need. If not, Nuru Massage is sure to get you excited…

Nuru Massage Membership

Nuru Massage Porn Membership
Nuru Massage focuses on a specific form of sexual massage where the female masseuse completely satisfies her male or female client! This involves a multi-step sexual massage which begins with an exotic shower, transitions into a soapy bath experience, followed by a thick oily body on body massage and sex. Throughout the scenes there is plenty of massage action, hand jobs, fingering, pussy eating, sex, and anal sex! Some scenes even feature more than one girl! Hands down, Nuru Massage is the most exotic massage porn site. A site that you get full access to with your Fantasy Massage Discounted Membership!

Soapy Massage Porn Site

Soapy Massage
Soapy Massage is what eventually became the porn site Nuru Massage. This is where it all started. On Soapy Massage, you have access to tons of full HD massage scenes. They vary a little more than Nuru Massage and include in-home massages and a lot of exciting content! We’re not sure if Soapy Massage will be updated or not, but Nuru Massage will be and it’s well worth it! Consider Soapy Massage an added bonus to your Massage Porn Network.

Milking Table Access

Milking Table Porn Review
Milking Table is a sexy and incredibly exotic massage porn site that is entirely different from Nuru Massage, Soapy Massage, and All Girl Massage! That’s because Milking Table has a unique modification to the massage table, a hole in the center for the dudes cock to go into while he lays down on his front. This allows him to get his dick sucked, rubbed and balls gargled all while comfortably relaxing. What a golden idea. Each scene begins with a gentle intro where the porn star masseuse is incredibly sexy and seductive as she guides her client to the table. From there, she gives him a gentle massage while guiding him to enjoy her body. Next, there are hand jobs, blowjobs, hole in massage table blowjobs and handjobs, and even sex! Every scene ends extra special with a unique cum shot with the porn star under the table either jacking off or giving a blowjob to the client. Nothing else on the internet is like this!

Massage Parlor Membership

Best Massage Porn Site
Massage Parlor is exactly what you would hope for from a massage porn site! Each scene starts out with a guy going to get a massage. When he gets there, he is greeted by a gorgeous masseuse and begins to receive a gentle and exotic full body massage. After some time, an opportunity arises, an opportunity to take things to the next level. Like any smart man, the client takes full advantage of this no matter the price and quickly finds his beautiful masseuse giving him hand jobs, blowjobs, deep throat action, 69, and sometimes even sex. All of this in an extremely exotic and sensual massage atmosphere with her guiding the interaction and enjoying making her client happy.

Tricky Spa Massage Porn

Tricky Spa on Fantasy Massage Network
Tricky Spa Massages isn’t your average massage site. It’s not erotic, it’s not exotic, it’s straight up tricky and often the girls are doing things that they really do not want to do; but feel that they need to or are supposed to for one reason or another! That’s because the male masseuses on Tricky Spa actively practice reverse psychology and are talented at getting inside the heads of these girls to convince them that giving them a hand job and blowjob is for their best interest. This can either be in exchange for a favor (which will never happen) or because their hubby ‘wants them too’ (which isn’t true either)! Either way, these guys will get their hot clients jacking and sucking in no time whether they do it with a smile or with a frown. In the end, there is a nice facial cum shot and then often an unveiling of the hidden camera to secure more visits whenever the tricky masseuse pleases.

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