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We took our time to fully evaluate the myXXXpass network site Throated. Not because we are particularly thorough, but rather because the content on this site cannot be found anywhere else!Throated is sincerely the most aggressive deep throat and blowjob porn site available.With that being said, a greater portion of the content on this porn site may be too extreme for some porn watchers. However, for a large crowd of dudes that like seeing girls go balls deep while giving head, this is ‘the’ site.

Throated Review

The number one way to express our feelings and recommendation towards the porn site throated is this: if you watch blowjob scenes and get frustrated over the fact that the babe is spending too much time licking the dick, or not putting it deep enough in her mouth, or essentially being a little drama queen; then this is the site contains the scenes and models that you have been looking for. These aren’t girls that are giving head for the first time, or hate sucking dick but are doing it for the money; instead, these are girls that are incredibly talented in deep throat technique.

Throated Deepthroat paysite

The Best Throat Fucking Site

In our expert/fan opinion, Throated is the best face fucking porn site. Given, there is a close second that as your friend we are happy to share: Evil Angel.

Evil Angel has a ton of content across many niches. Typically, the content on Evil Angel is very much hardcore directed. However they do mix it up with some super-sexy soft core yoga pants (spandex) scenes, hand jobs, etc. But, what you are particularly interested in, at least for the time being, is deep throat scenes and face fucking. There is a pretty large collection of that on Evil Angel in 1080p HD if you look for it, but the entire site isn’t focused on it like Throated is.
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Throated Models

MyXXXPass’s models are definitely hot, we can vouch for that fact. This is important to state, because as you are most likely aware- there is a correlation between the more hardcore or the more specialized a niche is and the hotness of the models. That’s because, when it comes to deep throating, its all about skill and not every babes got it. Therefore, there is an ‘office hot’ effect, where not-so-hot girls with mad skill get respect. That nonsense rarely exists on Throated as they have managed to find a wide selection of knock-out Porn stars that can deep throat. And, if they are not particularly good at deep throating themselves, then you can count on them getting a hard face fucking. That’s just how it works.
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What to expect on Throated

Well, if you haven’t yet gotten the point – just as the slogan says, throated is the ultimate deep throat challenge. What that means is the this is where you will find deep throats, times 10. Think of your average blowjob, make it 10 times harder and deeper, and that’s what you get on throated.

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